Friday, April 18, 2014

Candid Theft


Candid Theft



Into your arms

Buoyed by our laughter

Daylight renewed, the veil removed




Into your light

On a beggar’s whisper

Kissed by your beam, it’s just a dream





NaPoWriMo Day 18 – Cinquain “Candid” Selfies. No prompt following for me today because I figured we could all use a palate-cleanser after yesterday’s bitter pill. Smile

(Yes, I just emojied. Oh yeah, I went there.)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Smoke Alerting You


The Smoke Alerting You


to where the flame lived.


The signpost directing you

from purgatory to limbo.


I paint grey trees on ashen

canvas and name it sunset

spitting at fate while

it consumes me whole.


I am rotten, stagnation,

and endless drought.

I am sulfur, destruction,

and newest earth.


I am Achilles’ heel and

Zeus’ unfilled ambition

dragging uncharged,

holstered lightning bolts,


potential energy drained

not kinetically

but passively, like

evaporating sweat

dispersing heat, cooling

embers, leaving only


the smoke, alerting you

to where the flame lived.



NaPoWriMo Day 17 – for dVerse Poets - MeetingTheBar: Self Portraits

Wednesday, April 16, 2014





frightening are masks

entertaining and often essential

gilded with care and

diverse starlight and atoms

compress empathy into mass

their birth, to tell you

things you like and

cowering model reluctantly





model cowering and like you

things you tell to

birth their mass into empathy

compress atoms and starlight diverse

and care with gilded essential often

and entertaining


masks are frightening



NaPoWriMo Day 16: a palindrome – Since this week is palindrome week here in the USA (Our M/DD/YY format is exactly the same frontwards and backwards, example: 4-16-14) I decided to try my hand at this form. I’ve only written three poems using this form, and two of them are in my self-published poetry collection. This one feels a bit loose and sloppy, but it was on my mind so I went with it.

I declined to participate in this week’s dVerse Poetics – The Photography of Phyllis Galembo because I found the photographs of the masks a bit too unnerving to stare at for inspiration (plus I now have time-constraints every Tuesday night). I declined to participate in NaPoWriMo’s prompt to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie because I felt it would contradict my vow to never lie to my readers.

But the more I thought about masks and lying, the more I realized that I wear masks and lie to people Every. Single. Day. And mostly for good reason; my version of the truth would most likely make several very kind, but unfathomably stupid people weep bitter tears of sadness at their sudden self-awareness, and ultimately get me fired from the 9-to-5 that helps pay my mortgage and puts the kids through school. So no question; I have to wear a mask while at work.

I also wear different masks and tell different lies as social situations warrant, but not because I think my friends are dumb. On the contrary; I think my friends are very smart and interesting, but if I show them the real me, I fear that I will be exposed for the weirdo that I am (even though I show my true colors as a weirdo by sprinting home to my safe place each day as quickly as humanly possible). So when I’m out and about, I wear a mask.

I am at my most relaxed state when I’m home alone, on the internet, or with my immediate family. Only within these moments do I not force myself into a constricting mask.

With all that in mind, I poured myself some bourbon, took off my mask, and spilled this poem (and this confession) all over my desktop.

(You guys aren’t charging me for this therapy session, are you? If so, we’ll have to setup a payment plan.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inner Circle


Inner Circle


I absorb all light

showing you exactly where

the traveled path ends



NaPoWriMo Day 15 – a Senyru. It’s all I had time for today between work, home, and opening night of my Tuesday night flag football league. Plus I’m still pretty bummed about Seattle’s weather being  predictably uncooperative with last night’s blood moon. Well… not that bummed since we have another one coming in October, April 2015, and one more in September 2015.

I think I just have the blues in general. I call it my own personal “blue funk”, and it’s always here with me. I just tune it out better on most days, and I’ve had a string of bad days recently.

Anyway, welcome to the inner circle (the poem, that is). Sorry about the crummy lighting.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blushing Moon


Photo courtesy of

Blushing Moon


When viewing the moon from Earth’s shadow

Lunar blush for lovers caught between

The light of every sunset is seen

As nature flirts with poetic flow


Light refracted through the cloudless sky

Kisses faces within darkened places

Darts within your smile; I see the traces

Reflected within your dreaming eyes


Drink with me this flask of blushing moon

Spilling it on everything we see

Fill our cups with light and laugh as we

Observe the pale rebirth from rose swoon



NaPoWriMo Day 14 – Yeah, I guess you can say I might be slightly geeked about tonight’s lunar eclipse.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nature Enthusiast

2014-04-13 13.57.34

Nature Enthusiast


I prefer

enjoying nature


transitive property.


That is,

from the

relative safety of

my office window, or

via the

windshield of my car

with the windows

rolled up.


Sunny days

are always welcome;

I just enjoy them

differently than

most. Walking

forrest trails,

becoming one with


biting insects,


pony landmines, is

not my first thought

for enjoying nature.


When the sun warms

the protective glass

between myself

and nature, I too

am warmed, with

little to fear from

stinging insects or



But the

sky seems so

much bluer when

she smiles back at me,

leading us through a


promising a

hilltop summit that’s

always just beyond

my field of view.


Along the way,

we encounter two parents

and a small,

laughing child,


within the joy of

her moment in the sun, clearly

ignorant of the

dreadful situation

her parents

placed her in. She

will one day grow older,


conceive children,

and expose her young kids

to the exact same ordeal

in this twisted,

evergreen cycle

of hate.


Internally, I weep

for her and the

future suffering

of her wee-ones, but

there is little time

for mourning.


We still have

a lot of scenery to

confront and enjoy.

Onward, and upward

we go, hellbent on

enduring the stinging,

biting squadrons

of tiny-fury

to reach the ideal

vantage point where

heaven and earth meet to



penetrate us as

we’re doubled-over,

overwhelmed by

the experience and

somehow simultaneously still

avoiding horse excrement.


We are loving the

literal shit

out of this nature hike.



NaPoWriMo Day 13: Today’s prompt is to use more kennings. The funny part is now that I’ve been exposed to Kennings, I cannot NOT use them. It’s a powerful tool that I must remind myself to dial back a bit because, with great kenning power, comes great kenning responsibility. Or something. (Whatdoyawant from me? You knew I was a nerd when you got here.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014







nerve endings

rise quivering

as we transmute this

friendship into something

dangerous and exciting

as our lips quest, finding their mark

for the first time, unsure of why or

how this came to be, we tense and relax

space between tension and relaxation

now filled with discovery and flow

of energy now matching pace

with wishful thoughts now granted

by fortune’s kind favor

at mystery’s end

its beginning

all are one

with this




NaPoWriMo: Day 12. Poetic form: Double Etheree. I learned about this form from reading Cressida de Nova’s wonderful work.