Friday, December 02, 2016

The Siren (It Just Happened)

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The Siren (It Just Happened)

Drizzling down, our mental clips, audibly molten
She swiveled her lovely hips, naughtily woven
Her curling enticing lips, haunting me, swollen
Thoughts masking my full eclipse, outta be motion
Between her thighs, I cannot hide wanton temptation
She saw my lies, my suppressed pride hiding elation
Stigma despised, I had to ride, recall my station
Wifey waitin’ at home; I can’t break the rules and roam

Now I’m driving out with all the symptoms shouting to switch
Suppressing all the signs surrounding seven-year-itch
Undressing the enzymes with pounding cranium twitch
Confessing all the crimes confounding me when I ditched
Staying suppressed in action, but thoughts betray dissatisfaction
Braying at the moon concealed, praying I’m not soon revealed
Relaying her appeal to the subconscious, driving my muscles
Replaying how it feels to suppress conscience, silencing trouble

Then it happened, blue and red lights piercing my darkness
Wailing siren, me losing sight, lost in the starkness
My reverie compelled me to subconsciously rebel
Pushing past the speed limit faster than I could foretell
License and registration demanded, I reached to get it handed-
*echos of hollow brass hitting the pavement, rolling to a stop*

“He’s not breathing. Shit.”
“Why did he resist?”
“Don’t sweat it, Jim. He was clearly a bad dude.”
“Yeah. Dude had tears in his eyes already.”
“Yeah, he was probably on crack or meth.”
“You see him bow-up to me? Aggressive, right?”
“Yeah… heh. Jamal here thought he was Luke Cage!”
“Another win for the good guys.”

“Yeah. Anytime we get home safe? That’s a win.”

Posted to dVerse Poets for Open Link Night, hosted by Grace. I was intrigued by last week's Meeting the Bar – Caravaggio and Chiaroscuro hosted by  Björn. Experimenting with contrasts to paint a vivid picture (light and dark, good and evil) seemed pretty intriguing to me, especially given all the horrible news about cats who look like me getting killed by so-called servants of the State for little to no reason. 

So yeah, I'm pretty blue these days. 

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  1. The reason behind is part, the fact that you never get to the bottom why... so often it's a fear in a society where you kill or getting killed... I'm glad where it's comparatively rare...

  2. The thematic is sad and needs to be combated every day; the poetry and story was weaved tongue-twirling, I love the rhyming, it made me think of one of my favourite musician Astronautalis.

  3. The ending is just sad, a vivid contrast to the opening verses ~

    I enjoyed this one Barry ~ Have a good weekend ~

  4. Wow! I was definitely caught off guard by the ending. A very effective piece. I wish it wasn't a reality...ever.

  5. A rap feel to this. Good to see you writing poetry again. Awful reality where you live.Not a good place for a sensitive soul with a social conscience. Blacks are not immigrants.They did not choose to go America. They were illegally kidnapped and used as non remunerated slave labour without human rights. Their descendants have suffered ever since.IMO they should receive special privileges including a back dated wage settlement owing and accepted by their descendants on their ancestors slaves'behalf...also (free food housing education including tertiary post grad and all apprenticeships inclusive)plus free medical dentistry inclusive and one third compulsory black representation on all positions of governance,and all occupations and at all levels) as fair compensation for the crimes committed against them in the past They should also be funded generously for all resettlement costs including the purchase of a home and a vehicle and a lifelong annual payment (enough to cover living expenses in the new country of their choice,) funded by the American government, if they choose to repatriate to other more civilised countries seeking political asylum, where guns are prohibited and blacks are not murdered by law enforcement agencies. Sorry for the rant Bizza but I hate the thought of you living in a place like that !