Thursday, August 11, 2016


Image source - nightmare - by Steven Stahlberg 


Silent night lack of light reducing sight
twilight is screaming lightly
as I’m frightened by mind’s flight
slighted flights of fancy
shake my glance, igniting fire
delighted to fight my blighted brain
with refrains as they conspire
to fire every neuron,
aligning with neurotic
perspire and transpire the pain, microscopic
paralyzing muscles with terror,
internal terrain with refrain of fear,
never see morning
mourning the loss of sanity at overclockin vanity
Sense of self morphing to what’s left of my humanity

Heart palpitatin’
wilin’ and creatin’
bizarrio scenarios
freezin’ my soul while I’m waitin’
hand down, man down,
plans sound like I’m escapin’
ran down, land ground,
sand found, footprints relatin’
To the elevatin’ levels of stress
turnin’ me to gelatin
stressin’ my blessin’
from the marrow to my melanin
hell will begin to frost well and
send me to the end of my bend
I pretend to mend
the fabric of my fear,
begin again

Hallucinating my unconscious fall
into my juggling
communicating my exhausted call,
free me from struggling
rebuttal manifested
in rapid eye-movement and blood flow
unsubtle double-breasted
acidic breath proving a flood’s woe
overly oxygenated molecules rushing,
fueling nightmares
woefully amalgamated in whirlpools flushing,
ruling trite shares
of microscopic momentous
monumental paralysis
narrow myopic fear senseless
won’t go gentle into analysis.


  1. Gayle Walters Rose8/11/2016 8:14 PM

    Whoa...that's a doozy of a nightmare...awake or asleep? Maybe both. Love your use of endless descriptive words to drive that souped up 'overclockin' home. I love that last line too.

  2. From the beginning this felt like sleep deprivation to me, and then "Hallucinating my unconscious fall". A very relatable poem well done.

  3. A very relatable poem, indeed. I tend to torment myself with such mind-boggling imagination before I sleep (especially when I just watched a horror film). Creepy!

  4. Oh this makes me feel that sense of angst... The dread of sleepless night, I can feel the bedsheets tangle around my legs

  5. Whoaaaa the images here are so palpable that I got goosebumps!!!

  6. This makes me think of Edgar Allan Poe. Really chillingly awesome work!

    1. You're not the first to compare some of my stuff to Poe... I consider that extremely high-praise as he is one of my favorites. Thank you.

  7. Barry,great transcendent write -keep on letting it all go, like this... With be back for more... With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Eminem's got nothin' on you.

    1. Eminem is another one of my favorite lyricists... thank you for the comparison!