Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meeting the Bar – Form: Tanka (Four Dislocated Tanka)

Meeting the Bar – Form: Tanka (Four Dislocated Tanka)

Image source: unknown
greyscale goodbyes

I held you that night
knowing we’d never return
to our rain-soaked youth
droplets merge with my own tears
dissolving into grey streaks
Image source: By Frederic Leighton - Art Renewal Center – description, Public Domain,
communing with an ocean gem

mermaid at moon tide
pierces my blues with her song
cosmic distance felt
whispered secrets to the moon
so that my verse reaches her
Image source: Pinterest
photosynthetic embrace  

you are the method
of converting light to love
and love to motion
sweeping through mundane actions
content to move worlds for you

Image source:
internet courtesan

at the speed of light
we exchange want, desire
air between, ablaze
fireflies traversing space
fingertips can never touch
** *

Written for dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar – Form: Tanka. The lovely Toni Spencer is hosting. I’ve always been intrigued by Japanese poetic forms ever since I read Japanese Death Poems. Toni is a wealth of knowledge regarding these forms, and I’m glad she is showcasing the tanka today. I love the tanka form so much that I tried four separate ones. I may come back later this weekend and add a few more.

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  1. I love the concept of love without touch in the last tanka... internet can be very powerful.

  2. Our rain-soaked youth .... This tanka for me contained so much romance ...ah the youthful love.

  3. Gayle Walters Rose8/19/2016 10:02 AM

    Grayscale Goodbyes is so sad and touching...I enjoyed all of these!

  4. Quire a quartet. Lovely images within each one.

  5. SMiLes..
    as i'Ve comE
    to feel.. first loves
    gRow old but last
    ones stay young..
    and Jesus
    F. iN Christ..
    i do mean
    thaT literAlly2..
    aS eYes of Isis
    oN Earth iNcarnate iSREAL..;)

  6. I love each one as it has a different voice, but the last one is beautiful as a firefly.

    Thanks for joining us Barry.

  7. A wonderful quartet of tanka, Barry. Love the love without touch in the last one (a nice modern take on the form) and the greyscale goodbyes was tenderly sad.