Friday, April 01, 2016

Day 1 - Lunar Glow

Lunar Glow

I’d pluck your moon from cloudless skies
rain moonbeams on your parting lips
shading your curve of ample hips.

Muscles contract to my demise
to part the sea from you to me
to part your swelling ocean rise.

Tidal-locked by your full-eclipse
gripping your moon in heaving skies.


  1. I'm not going to gush over the complete sexy awesomeness of this, since you said I am putting too much pressure on you, but I will say, well done, Barry.

  2. Well,I am definitely going to do something positive about ampling my hips so I can pretend this poem is about me (giggles) As always, another sizzler.Good to see you writing
    again Bizza:)

  3. Love the sensuality of the words, from plucking to gripping the moon in heaving skies ~

  4. So gloriously sensuous :-)

  5. And, you selected the perfect song too! This is sensual without being raunchy, many cannot handle that task. I'm so glad you're participating!