Saturday, April 09, 2016

Day 9 - Hood Revolt

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Hood Revolt

The flames engulfed and consumed gentile boy.
His lungs aflame, he tried to ignore pain.
Sulfur invades scent though he evades the gun.

The police yell they thought he had a gun.
He flees on foot, alone and frightened boy.
He escapes tonight, entrapped by mental pain.

The liquor cocooned him from searing pain.
Wrath and pride combined, as he finds a gun.
“Next time, I won’t run,” thought the hardened boy.

But the boy won’t let the gun extend his pain.
** *

Written using NaPoWriMo’s Day Seven prompt, which is a tritina poetic form. This is my 1st attempt at this form. It feels clunky, but I enjoy the process. Juggling words in this form feels oddly meditative.

The dark subject matter is just where I am these days, but I like the way this one ended. Just because someone thinks of you as a violent animal doesn’t mean you have to fulfill their ignorant prophecy and become one.


  1. I hope there are many boys who does not change despite the reasons. Dark yet hopeful.

  2. This is very true, on all levels.

  3. He is a hardened boy but I hope he won't let the gun extend his pain. We are fortunate that in Canada we aren't allowed to carry guns unless you are licensed to do so.

    A good work on the form Barry! Happy weekend.