Friday, April 08, 2016

Day 8 - Sevenling: (Everything is Coming Up Suicide)

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Sevenling: (Everything is Coming Up Suicide)

Everything is coming up suicide and solitary sunsets
and weeping inconsolably through
the cheesiest black n white movies, alone

They say pills and talk-therapy will chase ‘em away
but they ignore the quietest storms
failing to recognize wreckage left in our wake, because

we waited way too long to be nice.
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Written for dVerse Meeting the Bar: the Sevenling. I knew I had to try this poetic form the moment I laid eyes on it. I may do a few more before we’re done with NaPoWriMo. Hopefully I’ll lighten up when I do!

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  1. The quietest storms are the most dangerous, and lurking just below those smiles ~

    Happy to see that you enjoyed the form Barry ~ Good luck on your April writing challenge ~

  2. Oh this is a really dark Sevenling... Sometimes it's the small neglects that cause disaster in the end,

  3. Whew. This packs a punch. Well done. So glad you caught the prompt and shared with us!

  4. I understand this
    Thank you for saying it

  5. This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing!