Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 25 - Maple Fairy

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Maple Fairy

There was once a fairy
chained to a Japanese maple,
bound by tendrils of regret.

She is invisible,
except within the
flicker of a firefly’s light
in a hairsbreadth’s timeline
between the sliver of
sunset’s disk and dusk.

Her whisper
gently rustles maple leaves,
soothing an overworked brow
with cool kisses.

If you glimpse her,
smile and breathe deeply,
for she will barter
her fleeting freedom for
the momentary relief
of your burden.

** *


  1. What a sad but beautiful tale. Being chained by tendrils of regret is an evocative image.Sometimes we make our own chains...we succumb to a pattern that we are familiar with.
    Thought provoking work Bizza.Another good one !

  2. A lovely story Barry. I specially admire how you describe her in the second stanza. That ending line gave me pause, and made me think of our own chains.

  3. A lovely tale. The exchange sounds like a good one to me. Even if it's only momentary relief. Very good poem all around.

  4. This fairy tale is superb, Barry! Great vision expressed here!

  5. I shall smile and breathe deeply.
    A beautiful sad tale indeed.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. Excellent fairy tale with good moral.