Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 11 - Chop Wood, Carry Water

Chop Wood, Carry Water

I smiled to put her at ease,
listened to her story,
deftly flirted with her,
began my daily quota of obligations,
laughed at coworker’s jokes,
shared an inside joke with the deli cashier,
marveled at the unpredictable weather,
took the long way back to my desk,
avoiding a gauntlet of cubicle small-talk,
ended my daily quota of obligations,
playfully teased a friend,
debated basketball and sports legacies,
sprinted to my bus,
barely making it before the doors closed,
found my seat at the back,
plugged in my headphones,
and slowly, quietly, numbly
contemplated the meaninglessness of existence.
** *


  1. The futility of life eloquently expressed.
    We all ask these questions...we all feel the same emptiness.
    Endurance and keeping on keeping on is all one can do.
    (Smiles for Bizza)Never mind luv,, I'll buy you an ice cream:)

  2. I like to think it is only when we contemplate meaninglessness that we can discern that which is meaningful.

  3. I really like how meaningless it can seem when we have the time to sit down and contemplate... maybe sometimes we need to find the meaningfulness in what you do... maybe the small chat with the deli cashier will have a huge impact in the end... all those friendly exchanges we have can change the world in the end.

    Believe in the butterfly effect.

  4. Enjoyed this...I could easily put myself in the narrator's shoes. I think it is beneficial to question the meaning of our daily lives, either to search for hidden purpose or contemplate change.

    Mish ( For some reason I cannot post comment with my wordpress ID.

  5. This is absolutely stunning!! Love those closing lines.

  6. Day after day; seemingly endless at times. Very good!

  7. A bit of existential angst, here. How often it happens that I'm in the middle of my routine and think didn't I just do this? And then I try to imagine how to switch it up a bit but it never seems to happen.

  8. I found this very sad, to feel all is meaningless is a terrible thing.

  9. It sounds like the daily rush of one of the students in my class. Kind of like living in a whirlwind

  10. Life in the cubicle jungle. You portray the endless sameness of it so well.