Friday, January 01, 2016


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She knows that smile.

                                                He knows that touch.

Filling her morning valley with warmth

                                                          vaporizing glacial distance and time

lingering in evening,

                                                          glancing aimless
off the blameless top
of a bare forearm with
her unarmed fingertips, disarming

mingling with tingling light
reflected in his pupils,

                                                          in a frameless still-life that
he'd upend many nameless
just to live within

a dancing gift,
advancing towards depth
of understanding
at the speed of lightning,
inciting a runaway rhyming
run-on sentence
that can only mean

the moment when

she knows he knows

their atomized fields
interact and bend,
deflecting, thoughts intersecting,
exchanging ideas and electrons freely in
nanoseconds that last for eons within
the shadow of the shell
of the space in which eternally,

she knows that smile

                                                            he knows that touch
Happy New Year, everyone. Here's hoping that I can keep up the momentum from this first poem of 2016. And yeah, I do puns too. Come at me, bro!


  1. Oh that magnetism, that attraction. Love your use of those electronic, physical aspects that becomes a metaphor. Also know how you open and close with the same words.

  2. Cleverly done. Lots to ponder.

  3. Such artful delicacy here - a lovely read.. Thank you..

  4. I love the format of the words, like a conversation between two people at the opposite end of the spectrum, yet connected and interacting with the words ~ Also love the refrain, underlying magnetism, thoughts amazing bond for sure Barry !


  5. A run on sentence within a relationship - oh my!

  6. Love, love, love the vibe which flows from your verse :D

  7. Sounds like a primer for life! Superbly done, Barry!

  8. I like the framing of the poem with those two lines..."She knows that smile. He knows that touch". Love communicates in so many ways. I believe this kind of love is deep, powerful and precious.

  9. I do like the back and forth here between two hearts/minds. Excellently done!