Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Your blues ain’t like my blues;
cool, visual cobalt,
auditory melancholy,
salty still inlet cove, prone
to frostbite if left untreated.

Your blues might be a bit different,
but I see them,
and somehow, they manage
to make me even bluer.

But then you smile
and beckon to me, and
the rhythm of my ballad
is disrupted as a
single raindrop ripples the
stillest, bluest body into
countless reflected fireflies
that flirt with your eye-twinkles.

As the bluest sky is sketched upon
by threaded white wisps,
west to east,
so do you chase the bluest of me
into the Technicolor of us.

I know of no such existence that doesn’t
have me streaking across the
sapphire sky
to pursue whatever blue
that dims your joy.

Take my hand and walk with me
until the sun settles beyond view,
lengthening the shadows of what will be,
reaching up to the ripening-pink heavens
that reflect hints of gold
as the clouds ignite
the way my blues combust into new colors
whenever I’m in earshot of your laughter,

a precious respite from my
blues, indigos and violets.


  1. This is a very cool music clip.Friday drinks hour here ,cold and windy Autumn evening.Your poem is so positive, rich in colour and feeling.Beautiful! Cheered me no end. Time to toss off the blues and the violets...soft shoe shuffle into the summertime ( for you at least)
    Take care streaking across those skies.You never know some predatory sheila could be lurking behind those clouds ready to crash tackle you:)Thanks for the visit
    Cheery byes for now !

  2. I love how you find the color beyond the blue.. that's what love can do... wonderful.

  3. This is awesome, yo. I LOVE the first stanza.

  4. "countless reflected fireflies
    that flirt with your eye-twinkles"....beautiful...

  5. Nice - you really transitioned well in this - smooth and masterful

  6. Ah.. the blues of eyes and hearts and souls.. do relate poetry.. like this..:)

  7. I enjoyed the progression joy in this poem, Barry! I like the idea of the blues combusting into new colors! Yes, some people do have a way of making the 'blues' go away.

  8. Blue is my favorite color so I appreciated your poem a lot. "you chase the bluest of me / into the Technicolor of us." - my favorite lines!

  9. So many calm, beautiful and yet colour imagery you have in here - truly a delight. You made my Sunday!

  10. Spectacular use of color....and I particularly like these lines: "reflected fireflies
    that flirt with your eye-twinkles."

  11. Oh wow, love how you used so many shades of blue and then combusting into new colors - stellar!

  12. I starred this wonderful thing on email Bizza and so glad I came here and read your words again.
    Oh for such love...
    Anna :o]

  13. ah it is wonderful when love enables us to leave the blue behind for other colors...smiles

  14. Re-reading this beautiful poem. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Hope you will write again soon.

  15. I love the blue music and blue colors a the end ~ This part is my favorite :

    so do you chase the bluest of me
    into the Technicolor of us.

    Have a good week and enjoy the colors of summer ~