Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 10 - disease


even while sailing from her safe harbor
back towards the reality of you and I
I knew that you would know instantly
it would be my eyes that failed to meet yours
the dejected posture of a man lost long ago
ruled, and defeated by the disease of more
her eyes didn’t sparkle like yours when enthralled
or now, when constellations of reflected betrayal
prevent me from raising my head
to defend the indefensible
we won’t broach the issue
but with no words exchanged, you’ll know
and the unspoken knowledge will rot our bond
from the inside, like a diseased elm
and I will mourn over our decay,
resolute in cultivating the bloom of your smile
determined to return the baleful glare in the mirror
with some semblance of restored pride and honor
it will all be different, you’ll see
I will erase it all, just trust me once more
but I’ll need to clear my head first
our struggles are so much to bear, I just
I just need to forget one last time, you know?

I just need one more voyage to her safe harbor

No prompt today. Just a dabble at freewriting. I should probably try another form poem again, before I get rusty!

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