Thursday, April 09, 2015

Day 9 - for the first hero

Dad and Momma, circa early 1970's. (Surely you see where ya boy gets his manly good looks.)

for the first hero

I won’t say that my dad can beat up your dad
but my dad made “dadding” cool long before the hip fad!

at first sight he loomed with an ice-blue plume!
because I could never forget
the coolest cat in the room!
ain’t never seen that man sweat!
he must’ve worn shades in the womb!
his bluster put the jet in jet-set!
nothin’ was his middle name, and his nom de plume
cause nothin’ was good enough to describe him just yet!

I won’t say that my dad can beat up your dad
but he could carry me, plus all the grocery bags!

glidin’ on man’s laws with his polar-bear paws
punked Batman twice just to be funny!
this dude even shook down Santa Claus
for bein’ late with his money!

with the confident swagger that made Super Fly shy
he moves in slow-motion, but ain’t never late!
time itself swoons and staggers, waiting as he goes by
the icebergs on the ocean peep-game at his gait!

I won’t even say my dad can beat up your dad
but if dadding is rockets, then dude built the launch pad!                                                      
hell, my dad is the reason why dads are called dads!                                                                  
monsters under your bed fear your dad ‘cause of my dad!

here’s to the coolest muthaphuckin dad that ever dared to be one
I’ll tip one back for ya, with love always, your first fan and son


Written for Barry Dawson III, who would've been 63 today. Happy Birthday, Pops. I'm don't keep Crown Royal in the house, but don't you worry. I'll buy some and toast you tomorrow. ;)


  1. Your Dad is the quintessential cool guy. Your mother is very beautiful.Good for you Barry. Nice set of genes you got there:)

  2. Quintessential Dad - and a son's love for the real superhero in his life!

  3. What a perfect tribute to the coolest of dads.. I used to be ashamed of my uncool dad, and it took a long time to realize that there are other ways to be cool.

  4. Your feelings about your dad come through loud and clear! Every day would want his son to feel this way about him, I'm sure.

  5. This is a great tribute and I enjoyed the way you conveyed your feelings and admiration. Very cool!

  6. Very cool and loving tribute to your dad Barry ~ Your dadding character shines bright and brave, a real hero to the son ~

  7. that is a very cool pen - happy birthday, wherever he is ~

  8. That's awesome and a great tribute. The guy I came from wasn't man enough to be there when I needed him to be...You're lucky to have memories of a man worthy of the title, 'Dad'.