Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Day 8 - slaying the inhuman

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slaying the inhuman

not in vain uncertainty
subconsciously hurting me
obnoxiously subverting our humanity
and calling it justice, just cause
probable cause, implausible clause
whitewash the blood stains from brown skin
same sad refrain to next of kin
what remains, glossed over
framed before he crossed over
this plain of existence and
vandalized in both lives
with the lies of the establishment

sooner than recording is paused
to share-all, another
lifeless face is erased and replaced
with a trace of doubt,
well-placed weapons displace
useless arms that once held,
protected, and respected love,
plastic gloves season the corpse
with reasonable doubt that’s
as well-known as a fleeing,
fearful black man is a threat
to someone,
especially himself

the rules can be tricky
but not impossible to master
if you’re black, just run faster
than the police slugs inevitably
aimed at your fleeing black back
or perhaps you should consider
not being black at all,
or in fact
stop whining about injustice
since Obama put us all on equal track
so on your next traffic stop
you can either stop being black
stop complaining about the lack
of oversight, you could refract
the laws of physics and deflect
the structured racism with your chest
or you have the right to silently cry
assume position, and kiss
your silent, black ass goodbye

No prompts were used today. I wasn't feeling any of them. Plus I'm angry and have been since I read this story. So, I figured I'd do a free-write to get it off my chest and spit out the poison.


  1. A strong, well-expressed poem. I feel your anger strongly, and your points are well made.

  2. And so you should get it off your chest. Was thinking of you when this happened.The whole world has seen this clip and any right thinking person is feeling angry too on your behalf. Just imagine if the bystander had not video'd the incident. Wonder how many times this has happened before and gone unchecked.

    if you're black
    just run faster
    or perhaps
    you should consider
    stop being black at all

    Excellent satire and the best way to expose racism. Please take care Barry when you leave your house. How terrible that I should have to say this to are not living in the land of the free at all !

  3. Standing and applauding! You nailed this to the wall.

  4. This makes me fume with anger too... I wonder so why you would shoot a man in the back. I guess it will increase...

  5. Your words leave me speechless. You've said it all. My heart aches for all those who are treated unequally and I am ashamed of a society that still doesn't understand humanity. This is bred, it festers, it grows from lack of intelligence and minds that still cannot open. Ok...I said I was speechless! Love your powerful poem.
    Take care, Barry.

  6. I detest the hate and discrimination in the world today. But we shouldn't stop whining and saying it out loud. RESIST~ Thanks for joining us Barry!