Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 23 - the art of sucking at multi-tasking

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the art of sucking at multi-tasking

trying to get along in this harsh vista
boxing-up each hurricane of displaced still-life
labeling each box though we all hate labels
stacking mountains of labeled hurricanes
wondering why Pau Gasol didn’t pass the fucking ball!
Jesus fucking Christ! Rose was wide-open!
how fucked you gotta be to blow an eight-point lead?
oh good, we won… so… uhm… boxes
overflowing with keepsakes and unspent aggression
await the closing of one chapter
and the opening of another

also, let’s go Bulls

No prompt today. Someone might have mentioned a freewrite based on playing cards or something, but all my stuff is packed away for this weekend's big move, so... you know... whatever.

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  1. "labelling each box though we all hate labels"

    Your making me think about deep things when I am trying to read your fun poem as just a fun poem. Sneaky.