Friday, April 03, 2015

Day 3 - navigate

Image courtesy of Google


our failure
to cause a fuss
as distance grew between us
it’s as if we knew that someday
we would navigate fate itself

I would smile
and take your hand
with no words, you’d understand                         
it’s as if we knew that someday
we would sail across fate itself for us

I took a queue from the Fireblossom Friday: Sing It, Toads prompt, where we were challenged to rewrite a popular or favorite song. This prompt was relatively easy for me, as I've been fixated on Rebecca Sugar's end credits theme to Steven Universe, "A Love Like You"


  1. Your poem is kind of breaking my heart and keeping me hopeful. It's it wonderful agony. I like how you can evoke ambiguity. Plus, that song is cool. I hadn't heard it before and I could place your poem right in the tune.

  2. No one does sadly beautiful better than you do.Having this sensitive insight and depth of feeling is a real gift.

    Poor computer reception so cannot listen to the song but will when possible.