Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 29 - details within final moments

details within final moments

I have always strived to be better today
than I was yesterday, to varying degrees
of successes, failures, and pushes

like many humans, I have demonstrated
great kindness and inexplicable cruelty
never sleeping, never waking, a living dream

though nothing is promised, not even tomorrow

if I don’t get a chance to square the score
with those who never knew me,
but vociferously judged anyway
I have nothing more to say except
if spirits are real, I will be seeking vengeance

to those who knew my kind soul
and unspoken generosity of spirit
no further words need be shared between us
except, I need you to strong enough
to endure a parting request
as I transition to unknown states of existence

please delete my browser history


Written for imaginary garden with real toadsBang, whimper, hiss prompt. I still have one more poem to give, so come back tomorrow too.


  1. Love it - will delete.
    Also , see my words at:

  2. You got me with that ending!

  3. You got me with that ending!