Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 24 - bus route 202

image source: Google

bus route 202

scraping by on fleeting carnal comforts
the morning sun interrogates him into
enough consciousness to grapple with
the reality of waking on a stranger’s couch

“hey, you,” a feminine voice peeks from
behind a bedroom door with the awkwardness
of hastily-introduced forgotten names
she’s cute, but unrecognizable in her
curve-suppressing flannel

“you left these on the floor,”
she squeak-whispers, her arms
cradling oversized blue jeans,
a crumpled polo shirt still scented with
cologne, nightclub sweat,
makeup and made-up pickup-lines that landed
with the subtlety of so many disco strobe lights

“oh, sorry. thank you,” he snatches and
dresses himself with one fluidly-awkward motion
both avoiding eye-contact during the process

“would you like some breakfast? all I have
is cereal,” she unconvincingly deadpans
as if this sort of thing was commonplace
and totally no big deal;

this type of thing
happens all the time as she is a sucker for
lean guys who move well and know how to
whisper compliments over decibel-shattering

guys who know how to go with the flow,
even though he knows she’d ask him to flow
towards her, the direction he wanted to go
in the first place;

guys with natural honey-hazel eyes,
even though they’re clearly colored contact lenses

“sounds good, but no thanks,”
he whisper-compliments again
“I should probably figure out how to get back home-”

“the bus route 202 stops about a block from here,” she
offers, pulling her fiery birds nest into an orderly pony tail

“yeah so… thanks for… uhm…” his voice trails off
“I had fun!” she quickly offers, adding “I don’t regret-“

“me neither! uhm… I mean… me too!” he feels the
blood racing to the capillaries in his cheeks


he reaches out his hand as she goes in for a hug
she audibles to a handshake as he swivels hips to hug
the awkward ritual evolves into giggles and a kiss

“I forgot your name”
               “I know. me too”
“take care.”

               “you too.”

No prompt. Another freewrite.


  1. Nah...makes watching tv alone on a Saturday night an exciting event. You do these reality checks very well. Good luck with your house move !

  2. Their casual goodbye is really interesting. It seems like a riff on more sentimental romantic pieces. A paraphrase "I'm forgetting you already!"