Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 22 - the art of sucking at flirting

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the art of sucking at flirting

she was a vision of wretched beauty
molded with fast-twitch sorcery
a twisted, monstrous knot of want

her siren song urged me to forget
her fingers pressing into my dark clay
clawing out my caution

her scent assassinated physics and reason
cooing into my ear all I wanted to hear
with the skill of a sand scorpion

succulent lies poured from her smile
daring me to taste for myself
knowing I would devour her if asked

with a wink, smile, and affirming pinch
she sauntered towards the exit
pausing to peek at her netted catch

and I stupidly did not follow

Inspired by imaginary garden with real toadsThe perfect love poem prompt, but not followed completely. I loved the idea of this prompt, but then again, of course I did. All too frequently, I knock around themes of love, loss, betrayal, love again, and love for a third and fourth time. Love themes are pretty much my favorite pair of shoes. 

But then I thought, why don't I explore lust? Again... been there, done that. 

But then I thought, what about all the times as a young man when I picked up good vibes from an attractive woman, the attraction was mutual, but then I screwed it all up by being... you know... myself? (read: passive, low-confident, nerdy, etc)

So yeah... writing about my past romantic awkward failures is fun... or something...

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  1. You don't come across as nerdy, au contraire you seem a confident Mr Cool:)
    I am pleased you did not follow that girl who pinched you. Never trust a girl who pinches you without being formally introduced first Barry!