Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 20 - Reflections

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I was a small child the first time I saw a sailor
It was on an elevated train in the Chicago Loop
His dress blues made him resemble a Greek deity
Though I couldn’t determine which one
He smiled, winked, gave me a Fonzie thumbs-up
I could see my wide-eyed reflection in his shoes
Sometimes, I can see the future
But I don’t always know it when I see it

Seawater can be used to exchange heat for cooling
Seawater will dehydrate you if you drink it
Dolphins love playing in the wake of warships
Flying fish exist; they aren’t just suicidal birds
King Neptune sings the greatest lullabies
I am numb to the buffeting sea wind
The salty sea-spray preserves my youth

I allow kids to find their own reflections

Written for NaPoWriMo's Day Twenty challenge; write about things you "know" (actual facts, or beliefs). This was a fun, meditative, and nostalgic poem for me to write.

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  1. I like this poem. The sea is essential to my life as well. Must have been great working on a ship.I need sand between my toes and a wet suit for the greater part of the year.