Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 15 - the folly of my favorite pastime

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the folly of my favorite pastime

and easily, I did just that
gathered all my marbles in the tinfoil hat
erected sculptures of fantastic precision
reaching ever higher in the spire of my vision

hail to the victor of imaginary wars!
with charisma that roars, women swoon in scores!
his sack packs the knack that the other macks lack!
his boldness wins gold on most any old track!

he games all the games in his inner-game, jack!
he soars above love cause the doves all call back!
but reality calls and he falls with a splat

and I gather my thoughts with a sensible hat

We're halfway there! Phew! I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to run out of things to talk about! Good thing there are so many good prompts online. 

Like this one from imaginary garden with real toads: The Folly. For my folly, I chose my favorite pastime; zoning-out and daydreaming. In my mind, I always catch the key touchdown or make a crucial defensive stand. My favorite fantasy is where I have the power of precognition and deadly hand-to-hand fighting prowess. Sometimes I save the world, but most of the time I conquer it and split it up with my trusted generals (for further clarification, please see the subtitle of this blog.) And I always, always, always get the girl, unless I have the moral highground, a point which I may not get the woman, but we all learn a valuable lesson before I surrender the moral highground by conquering the globe and forcing the woman who spurned me in my own imagination to a lifetime of toenail-clipping duty...

Perhaps I've shared too much... Anyway, that's my folly. What's yours? ;)


  1. That would be Mr. Super Barry D, would it not? I admire the guff and chutzpah and conojes it takes to reveal. And the humor ~

  2. This is exquisite.... !
    Enjoyed reading it :D

  3. So much fucking fun! Plus, all the rhyming!

  4. This was absolutely spot-on, and hilarious, especially that second stanza--inventive and spirited rhyming which I really enjoyed, even as I was aware that underneath there's a heavy load of subconscious hissing out of the balloon. Also enjoyed your notes at the end--I wish someone like your daydream alter-ego *would* conquer the world--it would be a vast improvement, at least for those not re-assigned to clipping toenails. Thanks for joing us in our Follies.

  5. The narrative here is perfect, and that second-stanza is like a snare-drum solo.. almost make me wanna get a tin-foil hat.