Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Day 1 - like maple seeds

like maple seeds

she swiftly shrank from vision
tide swells vanish, leaving me empty
as distance grew between us
like living a dream, awaking to loneliness         
her words lingered in perfumed contrails
I am numb to the buffeting sea wind
“don’t forget me,” a hushed whisper
but not the sound of her haunting cries
uttered with tearful smile,
for she, like me, is a lonely voice
a lilting embrace and
trying to get along in this harsh vista
not in vain uncertainty
scraping by on fleeting carnal comforts
because I could never forget
she knows how this will end
even while sailing from her safe harbor
and begin again, renewed by the unquenchable
towards pastel western skies
that claims our dignity, leaving only our thirst
and the alluring arms of another
knowing we can never commit to peace eternal
receiving me just as eagerly
the wind will part us, each finding another
her siren song urged me to forget
fate spinning us like maple seeds on warm currents
and easily, I did just that
never sleeping, never waking, a living dream
indulging in immediate need of her
she swiftly shrank from vision


  1. Love this line in particular, "fate spinning us like maple seeds on warm currents"---such lovely imagery here!

  2. What a wonderful, sad ending.

  3. Wow, this is wonderful - how you have used the metaphor of maple seeds and elaborate on the beauty of love.

  4. The imagery of two people meeting for that moment and then parting.. what a story. and the imagery of maple seeds is perfect.

  5. like living a dream, awaking to loneliness... ah, powerful... this piece is a painting of beautiful sadness.