Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a toast to two passing spring grasshoppers

a toast to two passing spring grasshoppers

I raise my glass to secrets untold
and the garden trail we dared not venture
as the path we would’ve walked and tilled
becomes overgrown with ivy and dandelions
reclaimed by twisted, wooded knots and nature

if only you and i had endured long enough
for me to drop my guard, sharing my secrets
we might have lasted long enough
for me to hold you in my arms
as you trusted me with your own

here’s to the garden left untended
abandoned by two cowards addicted to each other’s scent
that earthy familiar smell of new fertile soil,
but too fearful of the harvest
to roll up each other’s sleeves 

Sorry I've been away for so long. You know how it is. Holidays, depression, work-life balance, a bunch of freakin' teenagers running around, saying/doing ridiculous stuff and not LISTENING TO THEIR FATHER! But I digress...

This poem was posted for dVerse Poets' Poetics : What is your secret? writing prompt. The challenge was to write about a secret without revealing the actual secret. I chose to write about secrets that the writer desperately wanted to reveal to someone, but sadly, he no longer has the opportunity. 

Go here to read the secrets of other dVerse Poets. I know I will, because I'm pretty nosy.


  1. Sometimes to part way is the best thing to do yet secrets go along......

  2. its rather heartbreaking really....two of such desire that never cross that threshold for fear...and maybe something happened along the way...a secret that neither never really understands that keeps getting in the way...

  3. very sad
    very beautiful
    very you

  4. Oh I love the sentiment here.. so sad when we never dare to share .. and suddenly it's to late.. I love the extended garden metaphor..

  5. A very interesting perspective - yes.
    " that earthy familiar smell of new fertile soil,
    but too fearful of the harvest"

    Loved the effect in here. Thank you for joining my prompt.

  6. Yes.. love is a risk.. and love is worth living.. when one finds it one and same.. no matter how long that takes for love..TO life..:)

  7. I just watched this video. There is an unsettling mood about it...compelling... like watching a train wreck !

  8. Holy cow that's sad. And it has the most amazing title ever.