Thursday, September 25, 2014

ignorance and want


ignorance and want

her kiss ignites
me in places unknown
trickle down my craning collar
delight me in shameless shadows of want
leading down a taboo pathway
her with instinct ablaze
my will smolders

divide a vow
forged in fragrant flames
of youth, they must be tended to
discarding truth ferments the lie revealed
within shameful actions pursued
resist illicit thirst
lust brews rotten


flee from these thoughts
her breath on my goosebumps
informs primal urges beneath
where rational bonds are illusory
instincts leading me to drink deep
senses want consumption
this flame will not

to higher thought
dividing us from beast
mindless passion blinds us in time
refined beings, made to bind to reason
seasons heat and cool our passions
rise above the weather
honor where you


I fear
treading pathways
leading from day to dusk
returning to hypocrisy
I can see her want intersect my own
it feels as real as my promise
remaining in twilight
our fate remains


(All images courtesy of Google)


Written for d’Verse – Meeting The Bar – The Quarrel Form. This form was created by fellow dVerse poet, and this week’s host, Gay Cannon. Click on the link to learn more. It is a challenging, but fun form. I took a smidge of creative license towards the end. Read other dVerse poets’ submissions here.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I tend to neglect my poetic voice during football season because I’m a self-loathing Chicago Bears fan, which can be a redundant statement at times.  


  1. I got sun burnt reading this poem. A sizzler !:) Raw, complex and written with passion. Enjoyed this. In fact I think some of the intensity would have been lost
    if it had not been written in the restraint of a form. Well done Barry...poetry beats football ! :)

  2. This is exquisite Barry, perfection in form, the rhymes skillfully placed, the lust and passion perfectly done. I get the sense of playing with form, and somehow doing it in form it shows the restraints we feel in cases like this.. it's like a well-pressed suit covering a passionate heart.. and hey write football poetry instead :-)

  3. I love the two sides of the form and thoughts playing against each other ~ The passion sizzles, smiles ~

    So well done with the rhyming lines, specially the first and last lines ~

  4. Yes - it takes a bit of work but I agree with Bjorn - you gave great consideration to the subject - the passion and the compression creating excellent tension. Kudos for very good usage of the form - choosing subtle but excellent rhymes. Thank you for taking the challenge and rising to it brilliantly.

  5. Beautiful form and site! Great rhymes and of course the appropriate fall theme. :)

  6. Beautiful form and site! Great rhymes and of course the perfect fall theme:).

  7. well played on the two sides.. the two voices... the title is cool as well... wondering if you were playing of pride and prejudice...that was my first thought somehow

  8. entrancing and steamy. this flowed quite beautifully. I can feel a back and forth pull...the tension works nicely.

  9. Hmm...very well done, and could feel the tension building, the contrast in each stanza, the warmth of the topic ;)