Tuesday, August 26, 2014

indigo stalemate

indigo stalemate

 I want to fill your avatar
while making love to the
deep recesses of your want as we
sit in summer stickiness with
little relief as you try
cooling us off, sitting
next to me on the patio,
legs sprawed, vainly trying to
capture midnight breezes in your
sundress ignited by moonbeams that
bind to the salt of your skin in
places that make me
envious of proximity where

we pass a bottle of brewed
fermented grapes and
bottled, agitated motives of
transitory infused intimacy
too hot to transmit in air
too damp to receive, its thickness,
like the light woven fabric draped
enviously over you, now
heavy with your frustration,
too dense to transmute beyond
smiles and frosty relief of a
bottle shared, its coolness contrasting
what builds between us with each
bottle-pass and passing glance,
each glancing pass made passively
indulgence implicitly given
audience as we audaciously
deny each other the flavor of
satisfaction by succumbing first
when I decide to win this
indigo stalemate by losing
the game and myself

and on the next bottle pass,
take your wrist instead,
setting aside drunken pretense,
drawing you into me as you
protest by pulling me closer,
deeper, where not even moonlight
can escape and sound falls upon us
together, rooting us in
percussion, earthy rhythms,
supporting your lead vocals and
guttural gloats and when the
wine bottle falls away, not
shattering on impact, but
careening with a cavernous,
hollow, disquiet, you
scarcely notice while
embracing my fermented kiss
with your own, melding,

melting into midnight.


  1. I admire the flow and rhythm cascading from the bottle to midnight ~

  2. Nice progression here.. Loved the ending of 'melting into midnight.'

  3. oo la....a nice bit of intimacy this night turned into...smiles...
    a little wine to still the inhibitions...and the closeness of just being together..
    hard not to be overcome...

    i like the description in this...

    too hot to transmit in air
    too damp to receive...nice...

  4. hmmm... some really nice images in this...the light woven fabric draped
    enviously over you...vainly trying to
    capture midnight breezes in your
    sundress... being my two favs... beautiful intimacy in this...

  5. generally when we have a five bottle of fermented grapes night ( shared with others of course ) - it's been a festive evening.

  6. To meet the midnight in such a way ... mmm that's what makes life beautiful.. wonderful flow here Barry...

  7. So description lots of visuals here and a wonderful evening of closeness and nature. So well done!

  8. Sensual and intimate - a love poem moreover, a refusal of nature when the night's sultry air is repressed by the inner heat of need, longing, and communion. Well done!

  9. Wonderful sensory/sensual images in this that pains a perfect picture of a hot summer evening.