Sunday, August 17, 2014



“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” –John Ruskin 
in august
twenty-three years ago
I said “I do” to the wrong woman
for wrong reasons, charting course down a wrong pathway
where many other wrong things occurred
all of which lead me right
to august
skies, dropping tranquil rain
when the forecast called for sun, I am
grateful for bad guesses, wrong choices, leading me
inexplicably to someone I
never would’ve met if
I chose right.
** *

My first attempt at a Triquain Swirl form. Posted on Real Toads’ Sunday Mini-Challenge - Triquain


  1. I love the forecast, smiles ~ Sometimes our mistakes lead us to the right path and one that is meant for us ~ Hey, good work on the form too ~ Effortlessly done ~

  2. our paths inspire us to move on...nicely done

  3. If you want to hear God laugh, tell her your plans! I liked this poem, and the picture too.

    1. Yes! She's quite the joker at times.

  4. right and wrong, what does it all mean anyway? sounds like it was all just right. and not just all right, but very right. :)

  5. There are such things as a yellow wood ... good that bad choices can lead right. Love the tie to weather forecast.

  6. Wow! I really love the flow of these lines, the thought pattern leading us back down forgotten roads through a repetition of yearly cycles. Thank you for trying out this form challenge - you nailed it!

  7. Love, love this! July the month for me ....

  8. This works well with the form. Isn't it odd that no matter how carefully we plan there are always too many unknowns in the equasion to predict an outcome. But you've put it so much more poetically than I.

  9. So fucking sweet. You are such a gifted storyteller.