Tuesday, August 12, 2014


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Wonder where you went;
cursive current that curved
deep inside my bend,
and you would rest your head,
and you would rest your head upon my chest.

I would drink you with moonbeams
and chase with paisley galaxies
in constellations that light my
lips on your skin,
vaporizing our firmament.

Wonder what we meant
to you when our cosmos
only encompassed just us two;
you could feel my intent,
you could feel my intent in our embrace

And your face
reflected our place in the night above,
beyond the thin blue line,
beyond the moon and sun, beyond
what’s seen with our naked eyes.

What was felt at the merge,
our sonic reverb
echoed through our shell.
We combined in a treble cleft;
intertwined till there’s nothing left.

Wonder where you went,
in the light of day when
they wondered where you’d been?
Was I mentioned then?
Was your intention then to dim our light?

Wonder what we meant
to you when daylight denies
what we held true,
as you curved away,
as you curved away beyond my pull

and I am left full
of wandering wonders
in your wake
as your scent dissipates,
as your scent dissipates from what was ours.


  1. The music is marvellous.It really enhances the poem if you read it to the music.
    This poem is wonderful in its heartbreak and all the other emotions it evokes ...her curving away...her dissipating scent, and he,wondering if he ever meant much to her at all.You are a master of this genre. I will be revisiting here a lot to listen and read this again.
    I bow but (absolutely no scraping:)

  2. nice...i like the sonic reverb...and the music play about halfway through...the combining into the treble clef...and then gone...def an evokative piece...and i like the subtle little repetitions through out that play at that echo a bit....

  3. This is so poignant. How often I have those same "wonderings" about people who were such an important part of my life...for but a brief moment. Enjoyed this a lot, Barry.

  4. I would drink you with moonbeams
    and chase with paisley galaxies ... love this.... the closeness felt and then yearning and pain when gone...

  5. I read this twice in a row and love it. Very well done.

  6. Smart use of alliteration, rhyme, and repetition to enhance the sense of desire. It seems to make the ending more lonely and sad. I'm so glad I read this.