Saturday, July 12, 2014

riding shotgun one late summer evening



riding shotgun one late summer evening

the moon, heavy and fleeting
ignites mist, uncloaking midnight
air, humid, heavy with expectation

fixated on reflected
freeway guidelines and the way home
moonbeams reflect with her focused intent

as sunlight reveals the moon
moonlight refracted through damp sky
an aura for this goddess driving us

oblivious to her place
in my celestial temple
the stars can only twinkle with envy

they cannot hope to reach her
as I cannot bottle her light
or reach out to steal the moon for her smile


  1. What beautiful imagery! My favorite stanza is the last. Wouldn't it be nice if one could bottle a bit of the moon's light!

    You might consider linking this to Poets United Poetry Pantry, as we have an Open Link going on! Smiles.

  2. ah but if that is what it takes to get her smile...i just might die trying, you know...ha....the moon has been brilliant the last couple nights...and i can def see its influence...

  3. moonstruck and such beautiful lines come out... :)

  4. I adore that ending stanza ~ If only we can bottle her light, smiles ~

  5. Beautiful. And you have a great picture to go with it.

  6. Also liked the picture.Beautifully expressed desire to bottle your goddess's light. Long may she live in your celestial temple.

  7. I love..."this goddess....oblivious to her place in my celestial temple." Wonderful!

  8. I enjoyed it. I like the imagery used.

  9. a lovely poem..I too took in the view of the moon the last couple of is so magical that light from above.