Sunday, June 29, 2014

Love’s Idiocy

Love’s Idiocy
I don’t understand love
But I grasp the need to obtain it
To wrap myself in its contours

To resist the need to cling to it
As it pulls away from my grip
To fail at resisting
To fail at gripping

To see it dissolve
Is to experience diminishment
In fraction and totality
To learn by unlearning

Pursuing its fading embers
Is to willfully chase
Certain idiocy, and
It would seem
Repeatedly, consistently,
I am that
Willful idiot

It would be so much easier
To choose
Wrath and vengeance,
But once executed,
The void left by
Love’s absence

It would be so much cooler
To live within
Apathy and cynicism,
A temporary toxic barrier
That reeks of
Emptiness and
The sourest of grapes

I don’t understand love
But I love that I can choose it
As many idiotic times
As I choose to

And sometimes be humiliated by it
But mostly humbled
And sometimes be exposed
But mostly revealed by it

And sometimes I love it when
Love chooses me


Inspired by the awful, tragic “honor-killings” occurring in Pakistan. Couples there are choosing to marry for love and their families are killing them for it.

For dVerse OpenLinkNight – June, 2014.

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  1. those honor killings are terrible - we had some in germany as well among the islamic population and it scares me that people are able to kill their own kids cause they choose someone they didn't choose for them..

    1. When I lived in Cleveland Ohio - they were quite common. That makes me furious.

  2. i dont understand love but i love that i can choose it...and that is important the choice to love over vengence over many of the other brave of those horrible for our world that they are having to die for love...

  3. Compelling to think about the word killing sandwiched between love and honor. I had a sense too, as I read your piece of how climate and love can describe each other. Both are omnipresent, even as we encounter different experiences of it depending on the space, place, and the foundation from which we stand.

  4. To be chosen by love.. if that would just be the goal instead of pursuing selfishness and vengeance.. the bliss in being chosen has to be so much better...

  5. Terrible...and those couples so brave- love conquers.

  6. duty, fealty, death - what a sad confused thing. I suspect some of these killings have to do with dowry.

  7. I hate that culture of killing but love your response ~ To choose love & love to choose us~ This part is beautiful:

    I don’t understand love
    But I love that I can choose it
    As many idiotic times
    As I choose to

  8. To feel love takes idiocy and bravery..It is never easy. Love is inspirational It is when we produce our best work I think.

  9. I love the assimilation you write here - the sound of your poem reinforces the message and when the message is love all the more. The totality of love is more than the sum of the parts, more than the giver or the receiver - it is to experience the nature of being surely because as you give (love), so shall it be returned to you. Fine work here.

  10. This is so powerful, especially in view of your explanation about the Pakistani's who chose to marry for love. Your repeated use of the infinitive drives the point home even more. And the final two stanzas are great.

  11. Ah, I am glad we can choose love as many times as we want to; and it definitely is wonderful when love chooses us! Either way love is something we cannot easily do without.

  12. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

    Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.