Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Smoke Alerting You


The Smoke Alerting You


to where the flame lived.


The signpost directing you

from purgatory to limbo.


I paint grey trees on ashen

canvas and name it sunset

spitting at fate while

it consumes me whole.


I am rotten, stagnation,

and endless drought.

I am sulfur, destruction,

and newest earth.


I am Achilles’ heel and

Zeus’ unfilled ambition

dragging uncharged,

holstered lightning bolts,


potential energy drained

not kinetically

but passively, like

evaporating sweat

dispersing heat, cooling

embers, leaving only


the smoke, alerting you

to where the flame lived.



NaPoWriMo Day 17 – for dVerse Poets - MeetingTheBar: Self Portraits


  1. I hope the flame is rekindled - it seems each word is an ember worthy to explode.

  2. It will only take a spark to ignite you again.

  3. I agree with the other comments I hope the flame is rekindled. Nicely penned Barry.

  4. i like how you weave zeus and achilles in... and i think we all have times when we feel rather ash than flame...ha.. but def. hope that it's rekindled quickly enough..

  5. I too hope you will find the flame and rekindle the grey & endless drought ~ The despair & embers of that flame are well captured Barry ~

  6. potential energy drained passively
    ....that's bad enough...the mantra should be "rekindle"...a
    wonderful read...

  7. nice...great touches of myth in fav stanza by far is the painting/naming/spitting at fate as it consumes you...that one is packed with goodness....very cool response barry....

  8. Rekindling, rejuvenating, rebirth--always a bright surprise for each us when we experience them; but your melancholy poet's soul will find yet another muse, & your smile will light up rooms, & your creativity will become cosmic.

  9. This seems like a nightmare. Excellently penned!