Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Grazing Patriot (A Negro Spiritual)


Cliven Bundy outside his ranch house west of Mesquite, Nevada. (George Frey/Getty)

The Grazing Patriot (A Negro Spiritual)


Welfare Negro with nothin’ to do

Cliven Bundy will set you free

One more thing Massa know ‘bout you

Yer’ better off in slavery


Nergo Whisperer for porch-monkeys

Bundy’s pals got guns and no learnt degrees

Welfare rancher won’t pay dem fees

A patriot for you and me


Every darkie you see be on subsidy

And now ‘dey bored as hell

Aborting ‘dem Niglets all day, ‘dey be

He’s a White Guy, so he can tell


Freeloaders recognize a freeloader’s act

Nevermind the fact that he can’t spell cat

He’ll keep stealin’ and sayin’ dumb shit, and that is that

A patriot for you and me.



NaPoWriMo Day 24 – dVerse Poets - Poetic journalism – “dagsvers” – My friends at dVerse asked us to flex our “poetic journalism” skills with this prompt. Any other day, I would probably shy away from this challenge (I’m normally not an “in-your-face” confrontation guy) but thanks to American Patriot, cattle-rancher, and federal government “dine-and-dasher” Cliven Bundy’s suggestion that us lazy, bored Black folks would be better off in slavery, well… I mean… how could I possibly pass-up such low-hanging fruit? (Horrendous, reprehensible pun not intended.)

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  1. ugh...that makes my gut wrench to think that someone says things like that... well countered...i wish that he could read it...but even then...guys like him are the fools that don't even get wise if thousands of well meaning people would try to help them see clearly...ugh..

  2. Hilarious poem.

    Honey I will be your slave anytime:)

    Your humor as always is very effective in exposing these mindless idiots.
    Good for you in tackling a controversial topic where most of us shackled by political correctness ' fear to tread'. Enjoyed this.

  3. ugh. i wonder if there will always be the idiots out there....hiding their hatred for def rolled out the speech...which makes you sit up and take notice...

  4. ugh....why are some people such dolts?.....great lines which you
    had to write.. :)

  5. There will always be idiots in this world, but the worst kind of idiot is one that believes he knows best... I'm sure some wise person's said this already, but it can never be said enough. Really enjoyed this poem, even though it got me riled up!

  6. I cannot adequately express how much I love this poem. This whole situation has pissed me directly off. And then you write something so eloquent. (and, if you'll forgive the comparison, great minds do think alike!)

  7. yep, he's gotta pay his grazing rights.

    I just wish the people who make alot of money running the welfare state were incented by the people they trained and placed in jobs.

  8. Oh I thought dinosaurs like that where gone and have left.. You address it quite the right way Barry.

  9. Oh, most excellent.
    Had to google Cliven Bundy - but did so on reading your second line.
    Again, most excellent.
    Anna :o]

  10. Ah, now I know who Heidi was talking about!

    Ridicule may well be the best way to fight this kind of thing. Well done!