Wednesday, April 09, 2014




“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”Robert Frost


I can’t

rhyme or bottle

you into my structure

resigned, I free you to become

a poem

shoot your stars, eclipse my moonbeams

your spectrum transcends me

stardust yielding

a poem



NaPoWriMo Day 9 – I didn’t follow a prompt today. Between yesterday’s poem and today being my Dad’s birthday (he would’ve been 62 today) I’m pretty spent emotionally. I’m afraid this will have to do for today. No worries! I’ll be back at it tomorrow, and I’ll be making my rounds, visiting my fellow blogmates who are also afflicted by this condition.


  1. Very cool how the shape of your poem reflects the title.

  2. oh i feel you man...i am not much for poems need to be free....its funny how you put it in a shape contradicting

  3. Form is necessary for me. I mainly write in free verse but occasionally
    I like to test my wings to see if I can still fly with a passenger on my back. I think I can:)
    I enjoyed this poem of yours.