Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pause and Gather

2014-04-06 13.50.36

View from my office window


Pause and Gather


Meditating with eyes half-open,

counting the wall clock’s forward-march

I inhale sixteen times in one minute

trees mimic my breath, swaying gently

movement imperceptible in the placid currents

new leaves sprouting in down-tempo explosions

pink blossoms providing time-lapse finale


in the distance, an American flag takes a day off

haphazardly offering partial waves to empty roads

further out, evergreen foothills lay motionless

submitting to featureless gray heavens that,

having shed their tears the previous night

deny the lush foliage a droplet today


in response to five minutes of neglect

my laptop sputters, clicks, and then whirs

into what I assume is a virus scan

joining myself, the trees, blossoms, lazy flags

and the remaining observable world

gathered in this mindful meditation


in-synch with the trees, leaves, and blossoms

for one-hundred and twelve restful breaths

I am now seven minutes into my prescribed ten

slowing to earth’s glacial pace while

the earth has traveled 7,900 miles,

whipping around the sun to meet its

spring and summer deadlines


in this fleeting calm, I cannot tell

if the observable world waits with me

or if it impatiently taps its toe

hoping I’ll catch up.



Today’s NaPoWriMo day 6 prompt is to take a look out my window and jot down all the nouns, verbs, and colors I see. Based on this “word palette”, I was to construct a poem. I did as instructed, but since the exercise felt like a cleansing, meditative practice, I just went with it.


  1. Just reading it calmed me down. Well done.

  2. Cool how the rest of the world seems to meditating as well. The flag offering partial wave is a very nice visual.

  3. With a view like that, one could easily become fixated on the trees and disappear into a reverie inspiring lots of poetry. A state of mind that I am only too familiar with:)

    I am not following all the prompts of NAPOWRIMO. Sometimes I follow Poetic Asides or my own as well.I am attempting to write something in a form everyday.Only 24 poems to go:)