Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nature Enthusiast

2014-04-13 13.57.34

Nature Enthusiast


I prefer

enjoying nature


transitive property.


That is,

from the

relative safety of

my office window, or

via the

windshield of my car

with the windows

rolled up.


Sunny days

are always welcome;

I just enjoy them

differently than

most. Walking

forrest trails,

becoming one with


biting insects,


pony landmines, is

not my first thought

for enjoying nature.


When the sun warms

the protective glass

between myself

and nature, I too

am warmed, with

little to fear from

stinging insects or



But the

sky seems so

much bluer when

she smiles back at me,

leading us through a


promising a

hilltop summit that’s

always just beyond

my field of view.


Along the way,

we encounter two parents

and a small,

laughing child,


within the joy of

her moment in the sun, clearly

ignorant of the

dreadful situation

her parents

placed her in. She

will one day grow older,


conceive children,

and expose her young kids

to the exact same ordeal

in this twisted,

evergreen cycle

of hate.


Internally, I weep

for her and the

future suffering

of her wee-ones, but

there is little time

for mourning.


We still have

a lot of scenery to

confront and enjoy.

Onward, and upward

we go, hellbent on

enduring the stinging,

biting squadrons

of tiny-fury

to reach the ideal

vantage point where

heaven and earth meet to



penetrate us as

we’re doubled-over,

overwhelmed by

the experience and

somehow simultaneously still

avoiding horse excrement.


We are loving the

literal shit

out of this nature hike.



NaPoWriMo Day 13: Today’s prompt is to use more kennings. The funny part is now that I’ve been exposed to Kennings, I cannot NOT use them. It’s a powerful tool that I must remind myself to dial back a bit because, with great kenning power, comes great kenning responsibility. Or something. (Whatdoyawant from me? You knew I was a nerd when you got here.)


  1. A nerd....? !
    A nature boy...Nah:)

    Your kennings are great and yes they can become addictive. Poetry is addictive and if not used responsibly can result in lack of house hold chores being done because it is more enjoyable than doing anything else :)
    This one contained humour, tenderness but also sadness concerning the couple with the to a lot of interpretation.It's the cryptic notes which make poetry nysteriously wonderful.

    Forgive me but I'm prone to lengthy raving comments when I'm supposed to be doing something else (usually mundane:)

  2. I have tears in my eyes from laughing. This was so funny! I love your sense of humor and when you write about your wife.