Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Ambassador


National Ambassador


Reserved a luxury ferry fare,

took a full-day of

personal time off,

approximately four

or five Fridays after

the war on terror

began and nothing

was the same


traversed a rush hour

that wasn’t mine,

got lost looking

for the ferry landing,

observed the famous

Edgewater hotel where

The Beatles once stayed,

found the ferry landing

with minutes to spare

before departure


endured hot-button,








crossed a sound,

swallowed a travel-bottle

of brandy and a beehive

full of butterflies

wiped away the

nervous tension with a

paper napkin, banishing

them with a beer-chaser


entered a foreign nation

with friendly, but severe

customs agents

who were curious

if I was arriving on

business or pleasure (the latter)

and if I was carrying any

contraband or narcotics (neither),


scuttled through the gateway

to meet the beautiful woman

I met online a month earlier

(she told me I

was beautiful while

I was experiencing

the blues of

negative self-image)

who was only slightly

more voluptuous and


than I envisioned


all for her to take

one look at me

and declare that

I looked nothing

like the photo

on my profile (haircut).


Well sweetie,

I told her

you got me till Sunday,

and I’m not swimming

home over a haircut,

so let’s be pragmatic.


I will gratefully

take your hand

and allow you to

show me everything.


She smiled,

And off we went.



NaPoWriMo Day 22 – dVerse Poets - POETICS: Rhythm of the road – This is a quickie free-write based on today’s dVerse road trip prompt. I might edit and clean it up a bit later. Gotta run to Flag Football now!


  1. ha. you never know when you dont meet first in real life...a bit of adventure too in that time...i was caught away from home during and after 9-11...it def seemed like a different world...cool rhythm in this...some nice internal rhyme touches.

  2. after 911 I was flying to San Fran and saw a little old lady pulled out and patted down. I realized that I was the enemy of my government then.

    911 changed alot.

  3. Well this turned out nicely despite the challenges of being scrutinized by custom agents ~ Sometimes face to face meeting can turn to disappointments or bloom into real friendship ~ Cheers ~

  4. This made me both smile and frown... The reminder of those post 9/11 days when the world seemed to change contrasted with the meeting... Really enjoyed this!

  5. So scary the way we are accepting more and more.. and still I doubt we are any safer... I doubt it very much..

  6. I like this - a journey with many hues and shades from anticipation and hope to healing from horror and confusion about the 'new world' we now bear. Great addition to Poetics, and I hope the hair cut wasn't an issue! :-)

  7. Really nice storytelling in this poem.