Wednesday, April 02, 2014

My Office



My Office



In my office, there are two bookshelves

Both of them, filled with fiction and non-fiction

Some books were examined thoroughly by me

Some others, only partially skimmed

And a few, I’ll read when I get around to it


The books are uncategorized, just milling about

Strangers at a mixer thrown by a mutual friend who

Whisks one of them away from time to time

To interrogate them for all secrets hidden within

I’ll organize those shelves when I get around to it


My laptop whirs and clicks a few feet away

On a pristine glass-topped desk; a writer’s nook

Inside, numerous files of fleshed-out, forged work

Dwarfed by countless files of incomplete thoughts

And countless more of dreadful ideas needing rework


I’ll settle-in and finish these projects when I get-



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