Saturday, April 05, 2014

Moonlit Shoreline


Moonlit Shoreline


Near dusk, with you, watching the waves

hand in hand, ice-melting, pulse-pounding

evening sky becomes night, indigo-washing

hands pull into embrace, taking me over

fireflies betray your smile, inviting me

closer, closing ranks against the chill, my

pulse quickened, rising, mirroring your heart

dual conductors of nature’s choir, the wind sings


songs of tiny lovers ride on unseen currents, the

silhouette of us two, now one, blessed by moon

strange shadows we make in the wake of dim light

embraced by the halo-lace, Limerence shines

though pale in nature, our eyes see it as golden

we walk in silence, conjoined in intent on

the shoreline, the surface, the essence, the

beginning, which casts no shadows, bathed in white

bringing tears to the eyes of any man worth his salt

as your waves lap the rocks of my shore, birthing froth.


You whisper the words I longed for, that I needed; the

ones I suspected, but remained whispers, drowned by sea

as the night falls away, leaving us, your word stays

enticing reciprocation when none was needed, when

the way we engage is perceived by everyone

with discerning eyes, still my reply leaves

no room for doubt, and never doubt I will always

remember the soft light dance in your eyes there.


The day 5 prompt of NaPoWriMo is called The Golden Shovel. The last word from each line is a word from another poet’s poem. The poem I chose is titled Lune, written by a talented poet named Cressida de Nova. As a former US sailor, I’ve developed a love for being near the sea. This poem is about the beginning of the acknowledgement of love, which I consider to be a sacred moment.


  1. You have a talent for writing about relationships and human interactions. You have an adept ability to choose words that evoke a strong emotion in the reader (or at least me.) Also, very cool choice of poem for your Golden Shovel. I love Cressida de Nova!

  2. You have created an exquisite poem from my words.Thank you.