Thursday, April 03, 2014

Minutes after You

Minutes after You



minutes after you,

I took every love poem,

every love note, every

smiling photo, every

trinket of gratitude

every promise and white lie,

every stolen glance, every

heart-skip-at-hearing-your voice,

every lover’s-spat, tickle-fight,

and make-up-sex, every

what’s-wrong-babe hand-grab,

every let’s-work-it-out hug, every

please-don’t-leave-me flower,

every I-can-change plea for clemency,

and tried to incinerate them all, but

my body froze when making

the motion of ignition for reasons

that befuddle me to this very day

for surely these things would never

bring any sunbeams into this

crater of eternal darkness

dug by these wretched hands

that only knew the comfort of

your peak of eternal light



two weeks after you,

my weekend plans consisted of

testing the absorbency

of friend’s shoulders, demanding

for them to explain why

you chose another path until

they themselves began screening my

calls, finding the promise of moonlight

more favorable than my

crater of eternal darkness



about a month after you,

I dated other women; I kissed

the girls and made them cry in

a twisted way of getting back at you,

who had the audacity to reject

all I could possibly offer and I

don’t think I ever looked them in the eye

while their legs parted as they gave me

everything and I reciprocated with

stagnation as the gratification

failed to fill my

crater of eternal darkness



two months after you,

I was still unsure why I declined

self-detonation over this unending

hibernation and mostly-joyless copulation,

looking for both meaning and an ending to

the long night by trying to solve the equation

between the equally gloomy thighs of

silhouettes who were probably searching for

the redemption of radiance, but found instead,

the coarseness of my

crater of eternal darkness



six months after you,

and I am still

witch-hunting for your shadow

within the hearts of other women,

including She who claims to want

nothing more than to show me

how the sun and moon combine to

move our tides together in rhythm with

the wondrous cosmos and

the idiocy of fate; how the ebbing and

flowing of liquid swells can have an

eroding affect on parched,

scorched earth, transmuting perfect craters

into imperfect natural sculptures,

molded by Her kiss

and displaced by the

gentle shift of Her axis

I could be hallucinating from years

of sensory deprivation, but

I think I’m beginning to feel

the warmth; Her sun

on my skin.


~ for dVerse ~ MeetingTheBar– Emotion in poetry

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  1. it def takes time to find ourselves again in the after of another....i like how you made leaps in this and the passage of those feelings it is familiar...and how nice too when you finally start feeling the sun again....

  2. it is not an easy path and def. a lot of pain can be sensed in all the different phases... glad for the beginning warmth there in the close

  3. This is really compelling! I especially love "witch-hunting for your shadow/within the hearts of other women." Oh my, yes.

  4. Awesome storytelling here. I agree that the witch-hunting line is very good. I think the pacing works well too, so that I can believe it at the end where he is starting to feel for the new person. Really nice.

  5. i know well how long it takes.

  6. This is very well written in describing all the emotions one experiences after a devastating split and not without some humour which is important.

    The self destructiveness in trying to fill the gap with copious sex partners is particularly depressing but happens to youngish urbane types.

    As you said the sun is beginning to shine again...

    However Barry Barry Barry...if this situation should ever arise again...and God forbid it own personal solution is to write a very long musical, opera, film score or novel...that is what my intention produce something really good from something terribly bad.

    Thus spake Cressida :)

  7. The gruesome path of recovery through sorrow, anger jealosy.. and revenge.. you did excellently on the prompt.. and the glimmer of sun in the end.. very well done Barry.

  8. These. Are. Awesome.

    Each one a journey with in the same soul, the same hurt and.hope. wow.

  9. Exceptional write of the loss of love and the devastation that comes in its wake.
    We eventually find solace in the arms of another; we do...
    Anna :o]