Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hazy View


Photo courtesy of Reddit

Hazy View


My time, your side,

can we follow where they say?


You may want to go,

hold on to what you see

And all that we will be,


I can’t take away the way

The heat, the sunlight fades and falls away


They parade for you and me,

I sigh at what we see,

Hazy for what will be


I know we two will go,

adoring the sunshine


The joy of melting,

the hotter the fire,

as we fall away


A key note to get,

no bottled marvelous is as you and I


Where do you want to be?

I’ll try to keep your fears at bay.



NaPoWriMo Day 23 – the homophonic translation. As the description on NaPoWriMo’s page describes this prompt:

Find a poem in a language you don’t know, and translate it into English based on the look of the words and their sounds.”

Definitely an oldie but a goodie, as far a poetic prompts go! As a fan of anime soundtracks, and a casual fan of J-Pop, and K-Pop, I’ve flipped homophonic translations into new poems quite a bit. For me, it is a difficult, frustrating, awesomely fun process.

Naturally, I used an anime song instead of foreign poetry. The title of the song I used is Shiki no Uta (Song of Four Seasons). This song is the ending theme of one of my favorite anime, Samurai Champloo, but don’t worry; there won’t be a pop-quiz on it.

I only incorporated the first two choruses within my poem because the body of the song was too up-tempo and rapid-fire for me to keep up.

I posted the un-translated version of the two choruses below, as well as a You Tube clip of the song itself. I encourage you to hear the song for yourself and read the actual translation of the song. My homophonic translation cannot compare to the real thing.

* (refrain/chorus 1)

mata yo ga akereba owakare

yume wa tooki maboroshi ni

anata wo oikakete ita hikari no naka de

dakareru tabi atatakai kaze wo tayori

** (refrain/chorus 2)

haru wo tsuge odoridasu sansai ("sunshine")

natsu wo miru uji nohara karakusa kawakuwa

aki no tsuki nobotta manmarusa oiwai

fuyu wo sugi mata tsukihi o kazoeru



  1. Liked the music. Makes me want to zip out to the airport and hop on a plane to Indonesia or Malaysia.

  2. That is so cool. You make it seem easy. My attempt at this last year was so very sad.