Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream ~ for dVerse ~ OpenLinkNight– March 2014

"Often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream"Aristotle, Greek philosopher


You flirt within the margins

of my



Baiting me to follow

in the wake of your

bobbing, shoulder-length

copper curls.



I close the distance,

focus narrowing

into a glint of understanding


You float away laughing,

subverting the senses,

changing universal rule


Blowing kisses, you giggle, “follow

me!” before slinking

beyond my grasp

into a green apple truck,


driving it backwards, away from me,

up the side of a building and

then just as I realize

I can mimic this feat,


like a spring sun briefly

piercing my storm,

you are gone.


Next, you are next to me,

grasping the

hands you’ll never allow

to grasp you, inviting

me into your home with offerings


warmth and comfort

that minds of science

would examine skeptically.


Innocently, you

offer hot cocoa that I assume is neither

hot nor cocoa, but it is both. You


shower me with

affection that you once

changed gravity’s law

to deny


indulgence. You overflow my cup

unasked, wipe my brow before the

sweat becomes discomfort, and


tenderly rake my chest as if your

knowing fingertips were

hardwired to my want.


Kindly, you

offer me plaid pajamas that when worn by

me, at

your behest, refuse to remain tied at the



Well of course you did.


Placing yourself at my feet,

grinning, you offer to tie them for me.

Ignorant of the rules and name

of this latest game, I shrug,

allowing it.


You allow me to play in the

uncanny valley of your

impishly-cut blonde hair,


knowing that it was

fiery and to your

shoulders earlier.


You lean in and

lick the molecules between us

knowing I would rise to meet

you there, knowing that I

would rise only to meet the space

once visited by you. you

allow me to play in the uncanny valley of your

sleek raven hair, knowing that it brings me no



“I can never be yours,” you

whisper. “I know,” I

replied. “But I’ll keep

chasing you.”


“You had better,” you said,

becoming vapor,

floating out a window.


Out the window I followed,

closing the distance,

focus narrowing…


  1. forever chasing what we cannot have... i like that her hair changes all the time... like her personality... the part with the green apple truck that she drives backwards up a building...the intimacy that can never be real... an interesting write..

  2. well of course you did....ha...see i love lines like that...that kinda just break and addreess them directly....that chase there in the end even when they know it will never happen...pair that with the intimacy like licking the molecules...whole lotta angst...

  3. I am sure there are interesting freudian implications in this dream.
    Girls in green trucks with copper curls, blondes and raven haired beauties pleasing and teasing combing your chest with a garden rake is probably a standard guy dream. It could be an anxiety dream because you have not mown the lawn
    in a while:)

    1. Speaking of Freudian implications, after letting the wifey read this she said, "This is really good babe. I love how you've finally embraced your inner panty-chaser."

      Horrified, I replied, "Oh no, no no no.... nonononono... ok, yes, but no. I wouldn't put it in those general terms."

      Now barely able to hide her smirk, she asked,"well how would you put it, babe?"

      Now stammering, I answer, "I think of it as an extended metaphor for always chasing your dreams, even though you may never catch them. Because if you stop chasing, you're dead... or something. .. I mean... right?"

      Laughing, she retorted: "And you don't even care what color your 'dream's' hair is, do you Barry? Don't even know or care if this 'dream' is the same person or different people, do you? Doesn't matter, as long as she's raking your chest, licking your molecules, or God knows what else you want that she denied you, right? See? I always knew you were a dirty birdy!"

      I didn't have a witty retort for this.

  4. A dream scene - filled with playfulness and a larger metaphor for all life's wants turning to mercury and always flowing out of reach. Well done!

  5. Skillful use of the second person in this poem and I saw myself awakening, trying so hard to grasp a dream that just slips away.

  6. " inner panty chaser"...wish I'd said that.. LOL
    very important to have a wifey with a good sense of humour !

  7. I think it is nice that one can put down in poetry what one may not live in real life. I enjoyed the playfulness of this, the sensuousness, the dream... Why not!!

  8. a dream chaser is always rewarded least my belief is that.....
    nice lines :)

  9. Oh my! Very cool write. You take an interestingly passive role in your dream, there. Also, I would love to go to lunch with your wife, she sounds like a hoot.

  10. Pretty damned good - love the way you write!
    I have similar dreams of the unobtainable...
    Anna :o]