Sunday, February 09, 2014

Winter Still Life

Winter Still Life

Outside, at night a light dusting of white
Kissed the midnight cloaked living room
Still shadows are reflected as greyscale phantoms
Shimmering in moonless, moonlit frost

Beyond the window, snow falls silently
And then it blows, gusting in shrill currents
Snowcaked branches sway, beckoning
As the wind howls it's protest, rattling the pane,

Inside, light and shade play parlor tricks
Turning vacant space into a bustling celebration of spirits
Insulated by the warm hush of silence
Broken only by the breeze whispering at my window

And the rising, falling pulse of my own heartbeat.

I forgot to add the link! The folks over at dVerse posted a "sketchbook" writing prompt, and this is my attempt. Head on over there if you'd like to learn more.


  1. ha. i like the contrast between the inside and out...sounds like the wind might want to find its way in to that celebration as well...smiles.

  2. welcome to dverse...dont think we have met yet....

  3. Thanks Brian! Yup, I'm new to the dVerse community.

  4. I liked how alive and festive the still life was.

  5. very cool mix of how what happens outside and inside play together...nice that you end it with your own heartbeat - and nice to meet you..smiles

  6. this is such a beautiful poem...

    love the imagery and how well you pull us into the atmosphere, particularly with the moonlight and the frost. so very lovely!

    stacy lynn mar