Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Platonic Valentine

My Platonic Valentine

Waiting for you while suppressing the drive,
Pilfering glances, the will won't subside,
I've waited for eons, so what's one more night?
Indifferent to truisms that I've lived and lied,
Indifferent to internal battles I've waged,
Indignant that you haven't seen what's been saved,
Denying us both of this fantasy made,
Frustrated in friendship, trying to save face,
Your kindness annihilates all that you nurse,
Confined in your arms, both my gallows and church,
You can't see my torment, makes it all the worse,
I wilt in your gaze, one more name in your purse,
I hate me with you, I'll still rush to get back,
I'll wait here for you, though you'll never know that

My second foray into the world of dVerse poetry! This exercise is called "Bouts-rimés". Learn more about it here.


  1. Wow, I am amazed at the fullness of this; never would have thought you were writing around given words...heartfelt write.

  2. Ha... good poem about unrequited love.Bitter sweet!

  3. Great use of the rhymes, you make it flow so naturally. And a wry rewrite of Valentine's Day!

  4. I really loved this piece, especially how you incorporate gallows and church in the same line.

  5. both my gallows and church....ha...true...i hate me with you but rush to get back....see this all too often...well played bouts...

  6. oh the wilting in their gaze...him not seeing the torment and the waiting...this is tough...hope she finds the one who will embrace her...

  7. Love how the ping-pong of unrequited love is described.. saving dignity and still begging at the door...

  8. Wow! Terrific use of the words - really liked this. It's such a universal story, isn't it? Just read about Torville and Dean's platonic love that affected both their marriages. Sometimes a bond is so special - in the workplace, in sport, in life that a romance might injure it and yet....
    Well done!

  9. Unrequited love is horrible. I went through it once upon a time.

  10. Beautifully done...such a good flow throughout. And what a sad state of affairs...when you have a platonic friend that you're in love with.