Sunday, February 23, 2014

Midnight with the Sultan


Midnight with the Sultan


One woman’s betrayal

Set me upon this dark path

Of allowing many virgin brides to

Eagerly fall upon my sword

Before putting the sword to them the next day


It was the only way, I thought

To prevent the inevitable prick

Of a beautiful woman’s deception and disloyalty

For I was once smitten; I now smite

All who whisper love lies into my pillow


Tonight, a lovely woman of noble lines

Agreed to take my hand and my bed

She is kind, gentle, a midnight Persian breeze

Her smile, patient, full lips kissed by a full moon

I will miss her warmth once I call for the sword


But my, such wondrous stories she tells!

This woman of noble lineage and kind heart

Her words, measured, weaving tapestries of intrigue

Each night I treasure her more than the last

But once she ends this tale, I will call for the sword


Time seems to have lost all dominion with her

It could be three days or three years later

She’s an alluring trickster, leading me on like this

I should call for the sword, she knows I probably won’t

I want to hear more about the ruined man

Who became rich again.

** *

Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights for dVerse Poets’ Fables prompt


  1. Ah Scheherezade...great story and yours is a particularly beautiful rendition . There is not a man alive who could resist an interesting articulate and beautiful woman:) Enjoyed this one.

  2. very well played...heh...seems he has met his match...all for a story...i might find myself sucked into a story...ha

  3. smiles... that's the 1001 night story - right - one of my favs - she was a smart woman and the story telling saved her life and made him rich for sure

  4. I love your take on the prompt. Storytellers always survive.

  5. The beautiful and intelligent Scheherazade-truly a Queen!Wonderful take on "The Arabian nights":-)