Thursday, February 27, 2014





falling endlessly

into the finger-full of brown liquor,

she sinks into the space between the stars,

seemingly devoid of light

even when it briefly

dances within the margins of

her sullen gaze


The corners of her weathered eyes,

which wrinkles


with the rare smile,

are smooth and barren, nearly as empty

as the pub she frequents for him

at ungodly hours

to throw his wife off the scent


Her expressionless face

leaning slightly into her wicked,

mocking reflection

on the polished wood of the bar

laughing at the very notion of

her own disquieting image, the absurdity,

the indignation


After examining the foreign whiskey

for some semblance of purity,

she unceremoniously

throws it down

the back of her throat; a chaser

for the unsatisfying taste

of his previous

unpalatable promises.

** *

Today’s dVerse writing prompt: developing a character within a poem.


  1. A sad tale, beautifully expressed, of the desperation of a mistress who allows herself to be used.

  2. Being the mistress is often a forgotten ordeal.. the degradation and places you have to go to.. all sympathy goes to the wife.. really sad the mask she has to wear... maybe in the vain hope of someday be the alpha male wife...

  3. def layer on layer of sadness in this...i like how you build it, each stanza gives us a bit more reason for her being there....drinking, catting around---and in the end, his unfaithfulness that has wrecked her....well played...

  4. Great write for the prompt...sad though

  5. perhaps someone else will meet her there, a new beginning


  6. A heartfelt poem about impossible love.I am also a hopeless romantic and that line

    Just hearing her say his name would send him rocketing back to her

    struck a chord. Sometimes all the continent divides and oceans can never keep certain people apart.
    Enjoyed this one.

  7. Wickedly good close with the chaser! Great piece.