Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apparent Retrograde

Apparent Retrograde

Retracing her steps away from him
Only in reverse, as if rewinding time
She doubles back into familiar scents

Within the influential sphere of her smile
He again forgets monumental mistakes
Calling only upon muscle memory

Their song is a familiar duet, lilting and husky
Their embrace calls forth mountains from mist
Their bond, intoxicating, and beautifully toxic

She is the opium to his senses
He, the aged wine to her taste buds
Milkweed, hemlock, inevitabilities for both

Often they find forgetfulness pressed together
Memories flood back only after their release
When motion stops and emotion course corrects

Suddenly, having the same arguments
Retreading irritants, indulging the same toxins
Feels like notions formed only by forgetful fools

He will always smell like her homecoming
Her smile will melt his entire continent
But they cannot transcend their fleeting heaven

Forever destined and content in loving and longing
In both forgetting and remembering

Converging, touching, changing direction


I was researching the phenomenon mentioned in the title of this poem for nerdy reasons that I can't recall anymore (you can read about it here). For whatever reason, it reminded me of the tragicomedy of passionate lovers who don't necessarily like each other, but who also can't seem to resist each other. Hence the poem. 

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