Wednesday, June 12, 2013

With Moonbeams and Venus

With Moonbeams and Venus

The light and shadows cast illusions upon us
It conceals our kiss, yet reveals our union
Flexing, arching silhouette
Tendrils drawn back, gripped from behind

The arch in your back sustains the tides
It presses down to rush the void
Vibrant, innocently inviting inclusion
Your ample waves, a welcome song

Musical classics eclipse your garden
Your warmth is my elixir
A bountiful harvest, your hips, within
Frozen moans, thrusts intertwine

All roads lead to the crease in your smirk
I feel your sneer upon my skin
Weightless, breathless, yet grounded, gripping
Order spills over, heaving in time

For the sake of pursuit, you linger and wait
Lush, attainable, and yet just beyond reach
Eyes holding, knowing where the pose leads
A delicious sculpture of implied art and purpose

With depths waiting to be breached
A pale Venus, inviting the blush of Mars
Hips curving the horizon, a layered cloud
Angular angel, playing with light and shade

With moonbeams, open, and lowered, you wait
Breasts swaying in rhythm to your music
With smirk, lowered, you breach the clouds
Hips, fertile ground to be harvested

With Venus arching, blushing, setting
You press down to rush the void
If it is a sin to be consumed
Then have your fill of me

Your devotion drives an ocean of tides
Its motion is salvation enough
It fills my lungs with your damp eclipse
It renders me empty, once again


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