Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Embracing Shadows

Embracing Shadows

I see you skirting along the margins
My natural reaction now is to ignore
Though you’ve been my companion
From my earliest memories

I thought I could control you by now
To dismiss you with a wave
And barely a nod

But you close the distance with every hardship
With each setback, you circle closer
Until we’re once again
Staring down each other’s noses

I tilt my head in your direction
So you can whisper into my ear the same, tired insults
After all, there aren’t many new ways
To be indicted as a failure
Or as the other abysmal things
That you always claim I’m lesser than

You offer the same dismal suggestions
That I dare not repeat, let alone act on
I embrace you just to dilute your power
You laugh, pour me another, and whisper “told you so”

It’s a wretched, old greeting, and I know better
But sometimes I just get so tired
You’re going to darken my door
Whether I welcome you in or not
So I might as well hear you out

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