Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

You came to me once as I slept
As a whispering esper, seeking
Evidence of an apparent, eroded legacy
Sifting through the ruins of time wasted
Asking questions I could not answer
I do not recall most of them
But they were of things that
One heavy with regret would ask
You lamented lost opportunities
The chance to share dreams,
Exchange ideas in this life
Unspoken realization that
I never knew the real you
And as a result, I could
Never truly know myself

Rest easy, my oldest friend
We were both young once
I also regret not sharing these words
With the living, breathing, caring man
Who gifted me with this life
And encouraged me to live it fully,
Prosperously, and fearlessly
I know scarcely little of the
Few mentors guiding your path
But I was lucky enough to have you
In life, human failings parted us
But I have always loved you
And even now, I still obsess over
Making you proud

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