Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crime of Redemption

Crime of Redemption

Retribution fueled my ignorance of youth
I relished hurting as much as I hurt
Blind to the fact that inflicting pain
Never cancelled out my own; they magnified
Each cruelty accumulated upon my chest
Like glass-filled volcano ash
Vengeance, a delicious, irresistible poison
Choking, gorging myself, choking again
 On the bile of my own rage and spite

Having nearly destroyed myself
I know now the nature of this self-destruction
This emotional mutilation cannot endure
Grotesque compensation is not justice
A vengeance leveled leaves all lonely
If an eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind
Then I see things much clearer now
If barbarism rules the day, and is policy of the night
Then my crime shall be mercy

Life can be and has been most unkind,
But I will choose kindness, all the same

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