Monday, April 23, 2012



They say spirits appear in places where they have regrets
And yet she always finds herself outside his home

She is clearly not dead, undead, or any other specter
Except for the parts of her that she allows him to rule

She makes this daily pilgrimage religiously
Even though it is several miles opposite her daily commute


Months ago, she foolishly awoke to his wrath
So he pummeled her face until she lost consciousness

All witnesses to the battered aftermath, enraged, called for his head
Her head still bleeding, resolute, she just wanted to earn his peace

It seems, he was capable of such tenderness, and only rarely beat her
The obvious question, to her, is how can she stop screwing this up?


Her parents filed restraining orders, protecting her from him
She violates the orders daily, willingly, in order to save him

Her physical bruises are now barely perceptible, and
He’s never home, the man once capable of such tenderness

No one knows what she is looking for, or why
But everyone secretly prays she never finds it

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